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Can I increase the recording storage capacity for my TV receiver?

Yes, you can!

You can add 100 hours of additional storage capacity to our base offer of 100 hours for $10/month.

Note that the lifetime of a recording still remains of six months at most.
Simply contact us via our different platforms (Facebook Messenger, text, or email) to add this option to your account.

# Is it possible to use an external hard drive to keep recordings?

We are still currently developing and testing this option actively, and we still cannot offer full support.

Caution :

➥ All your recordings are encrypted and can only be read with the same oxio TV receiver that was used to make the recordings;
➥ You will not be able to record on our servers anymore: you cannot use both a hard drive and the cloud;
➥ Activating this functionality deletes all recordings previously made on your TV receiver;
➥ Activating this functionality deletes all the contents of the hard drive connected to the TV receiver. We are not responsible for any lost or erased data stored on your hard drive;
➥ Some options, such as the Replay option, available on many channels, will no longer be available;
➥ If you miss a show or an epsiode and forgot to record it, our Customer Care Agents will not be able to add it to your TV receiver manually anymore;
➥ If there is an outage, all scheduled shows will not be recorded and will either not appear in your recordings list or appear with a corrupted format.

Consider this functionality if you do not care for sharing recordings between TV receivers or if you only have one receiver. Remember, the hard drive is encrypted and can only be read from the TV receiver that made the recordings.

We recommend using a hard drive compatible with USB 3.0 and with an external power cord. According to our tests, the largest supported capacity is 2 TB.

We cannot guarantee this functionality will be entirely functional and cannot recommend any specific hard drive models. A 1 TB hard drive allows for approximately 350 hours of recordings.

To activate this functionality :

Contact a Customer Care Agent to deactivate the recording of shows on our cloud servers;
Connect your hard drive to the TV receiver via the blue USB 3.0 port at the back. Also ensure that your hard drive is formatted to the exFAT format beforehand;
Reboot the TV receiver by unplugging it from the wall, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in;
Program any desired recordings through the usual menu.

Updated on: 01/07/2021