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Can my appointment be any sooner?

When you receive an appointment by email, know that it is the earliest available date

Every request we submit for a technician requires approval by Videotron, as their technician are contracted by oxio for their services­. No other technicians can be brought on board, since the infrastructure we operate on is owned by Videotron.

When making a new request for an appointment, the previous one is deleted, meaning that the second request’s date is automatically official. In the grand majority of cases, the second appointment is later than the original.

However, once your original date and time have been determined, we can always request a rescheduling for a later date only.

* All time slots offered on our website during package creation are generated from generation provided by Videotron. These time slots are updated three times a day and therefore cannot be guaranteed. No appointment is confirmed until you receive an email.

Keep in mind that the email may sometimes end up in the spam folder. Be wary.

Updated on: 27/10/2020