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How can I install a pod?

To install and setup a pod, follow these easy steps!

This procedure applies to the pods provided by oxio. Note that these pods are compatible with the base router provided by oxio (SmartRG SR400ac) only if you are not using oxio phone services.

Description and technical sheet

The pod model we use is the SmartRG SE80ac - Technical Sheet

A pod extends the reach of your Wi-Fi network by using mesh technology. It comes in handy if your devices are having issues connecting to your Wi-Fi network due to distance. You can install a pod between your device and your router to extend the latter’s range without creating a new network (such as when using basic range extenders). Keep in mind that, at most, three (3) pods can be used at once with the SmartRG 400ac model.

If you wish to rent one or more pods, please reach out to a customer service agent via any of our platforms (Facebook, SMS, email or chat) for all information concerning pricing, use and configuration. Our agents will gladly assist you.

Installing a new pod

This procedure requires a network cable. After the setup, it will not be needed anymore.
Plug one end of the network cable into the ethernet port of the pod;
Plug the other end into one of the LAN ports at the back of the SmartRG 400ac router;
Plug the pod into a power outlet. The LED light at the front will blink red. Wait until it blinks white. This process lasts around 2 minutes;
Once the LED is white and stopped blinking*, you can unplug the pod from the wall and remove the network cable;
You can now plug the pod into a power outlet of your choice. Once plugged in, wait for the LED to stop blinking and stay white. Once that is the case, you’re done! We suggest restarting the devices attempting to connect to your now-extended Wi-Fi.

If there is a green light on your POD and you seem unable to set it up, press the small, discreet RESET button on the back of the device for 15 seconds.

Tips and tricks for the installation

To ensure the pod transmits a strong Wi-Fi signal, it must be installed where it can receive a strong Wi-Fi signal to be relayed. Here is an example of good pod placement:

Your router is situated in the living room and your laptop is in your room at the end of the hallway. The laptop has difficulties picking up the signal.

By installing the pod in the same room as the laptop, it will not be able to receive Wi-Fi well, meaning that it cannot relay it either. It is then not useful.
By installing the pod in the hallway between the living room (router) and the room (laptop), the Wi-Fi picked up by the pod is still stable and strong. It will then relay a stable Wi-Fi that your laptop will then be able to connect to much better.

Updated on: 17/12/2021