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oxio's 400 Mbps Internet Plan; A Few Technical Key-Points to Know

There's Word That oxio Now Offers a 400 Mbps Plan?

Yes! But we'd like to share a few "tips" to make sure you can fully enjoy your connection.

First of all, you need to know that the compatible modem for this speed is the Sercomm DM1000. If we're lucky enough to already have you as a client, you probably don't have this model. We'll explain more about how to obtain it right here below. 👇
Then, it's important to note that you might not get the full 400 Mbps showing up on your next speed test. We will explain why and how to verify that the promised speed is sent to your devices.

How to Get This Speed?

1- If you're not our client yet:

When creating your oxio internet plan, you just have to select the speed you need and you'll receive automatically the right modem.

When you receive your equipment, you just need to plug everything to enjoy this lightning fast speed.

2- If you're an existing client and would like to subscribe to the 400 Mbps plan:

If you do not have the Sercomm DM1000 modem:
Contact our customer service and an agent will make the necessary changes in your account as well as send you the right modem to replace your current one. It goes without saying that all this is without any additional fees except the price for the new chosen plan.

If you already have the Sercomm DM1000 modem:
You can go directly to your oxio Client Portal to make the plan change yourself.

" I made a speed test and it shows on my device a lower speed than 400 Mbps. What to do? "

It's true that doing a speed test will give a good indication of the signal quality.
However, sometimes the way used to measure this performance will significantly influence the result's relevance.

👉 First, your router needs to be compatible with this speed. Second, the device used for the test must also be compatible with this speed.

⚠️ Our SR516/616, SR400 or SR905 (telephony) routers will have a maximum result of 300 Mbps, even if you connect your device with an ethernet cable to the router. A device connected through wifi to the SE80 extension pod will have a maximum result of 150 Mbps. The eero6 can go up to 500 Mbps, but if you're connected to an eero satellite (wi-fi or wired), the maximum result will be 250 Mbps.

If you use your personal router, we recommend you check in the user guide or the manufacturer's website to see if it's compatible.

We recommend the following method to perform a reliable speed test:

Plug an ethernet cable in a computer on one end and the other in the Sercomm modem.
Go to the following website:

If the test is done using wifi:

First, make sure you're in an open space and that no nearby device could interfere with the signal.
Then, make sure you're connected on the right frequency (you should see that it's oxio's wifi signal).
A test made near an wifi extender will give false results. We recommend to be near the original router. Extenders, as well as mesh networks, give a weaker signal than the one provided directly from the router.

📝 Take note that even if the modem oxio provides gives you the desired speed, your personal router can still limit the speed shown during a speed test. The most reliable test is always the one gotten directement from modem.

Updated on: 24/03/2022