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Unsubscribing / Cancellation of services: how do I stop my oxio services?

Looking to cancel your services? Reach out to our Customer Service Agents!

Are you possibly looking for how to Suspend my services -or- Move my servicesinstead?
👉 Having technical problems? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

For a cancellation, you will need to provide the following information:

📲 📧 For security purpose, please contact us only by the SMS number -or- by the email address that is registered in the oxio account with this information -

Desired cancellation date

Your full name, your oxio account number
You can find your oxio account number on your last invoice or in your Client Portal

Service phone number and address

The reason why you want to end your services (we want to improve at all times!)

Once our agent has confirmed all of the information with you, they will take it from there!
⚠️Make sure you have confirmation from the agent and that you have answered all our questions, otherwise the cancellation will not be carried out.

Note that a cancellation can only be made on a weekday, and it will take 24 to 48 working hours for it to be completed.
Your price privilege will be terminated once the cancellation is complete, and any referral credits you have will be removed from account. If you want to come back with us later, it will be according to the prices and services displayed on our site.
Referral credits cannot be refunded or transferred to another account.

If you have our home phone services:

You have 14 days following the end of your oxio services to keep your landline number and transfer it to your next provider.

Only an active number can be the subject of a portability request: you must therefore keep this service active until the portability is completed with your next provider.

How to return the equipment to us? 🚚

When your services are cancelled, you must return all the equipment we have loaned to you, in good condition and with their cables, within 2 weeks.

You have 14 days to return the equipment to us.
⚠️ Reminders will be sent to you if you exceed this deadline. When the equipment is not returned to oxio, you will be charged according to the prices and conditions displayed in our Terms and Conditions point 6.3. The full amount of this invoice may be charged to your payment method or you will be required to pay your invoice within 21 days.
It's never too late to return our equipment to us: Even if the invoice for it is generated and paid, you can write to our team and we can assist you. Your equipment invoice will be cancelled if the return is confirmed complete by the warehouse team, however a $20 equipment return late fee will be charged.
🤝 If we owe you a pro-rata amount following the cancellation of services, this amount will be returned to you within 30 days of the return of our equipment to our warehouse (if you pay by credit card).

You will receive return instructions by email explaining how to return all equipment loaned by oxio to us, free of charge.

In this communication you will find a code to mention (or show on your cell phone) to the agent at the Canada Post office so that they can send it with our authorization code and your oxio customer number.

📝 We suggest that you take a moment to send us the tracking number of the package(s) so that we can note it on your account. If necessary, we can help you track your shipment.

⚠️ It is not possible to come and bring us the devices. oxio does not have a physical service point or store.
📦 You can return the equipment to us in the box in which we made the initial shipment or, if you don’t have it anymore, you can use any other small format box that can include all the items so that they are secure and well wrapped.
⏲You have 2 weeks following your service cancellation to send back to us the loaned equipment. They must be received at the warehouse within this time.

Would you rather suspend the services?

Are you away from home for one or more months and would like to put your subscription on hold? No problem, there is the solution of temporarily suspending your services! You will keep your current prices by choosing to suspend services, instead of losing your price privilege with a cancellation of services.

Updated on: 29/08/2023