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How do I cancel my oxio internet services?

Breakups are never easy.

❤️Like any faithful partner, we’re here for you. We’re here to listen. We’re here to do what we can to make this work.

Contact us directly if we can talk things out.

Leaving home for just a while?
We also offer a seasonal suspension option.

Did another provider offer you a deal?
At oxio, we’re all about fair and sustainable pricing. That means we don’t do price matching as our prices are built to last. No term contracts and no price hikes mean no renegotiating for a better deal in 1-2 years like other providers tend to set up.


What we can offer you is months of free internet with the oxio referral program. There’s no cap on referrals, so much so that some of our customers don’t even have to pay their oxio internet bill for the next 10+ years.

💔Yes I’m sure. I wish to part ways with oxio.

Unlike your last breakup, if your mind is already made up, we’ll help cancel your oxio services with no strings attached. However, we may spend endless nights still thinking about you.

Contact our Customer Care team and provide/verify the following details.

● oxio account number.
● Full name.
● Full service address.
● Phone number and email address.
● Last 4 digits of the Credit Card on file (or mention what other payment method is used).
● Reason you wish to part ways with us.
● Date you would like the services disconnected.

📦What about the equipment?

All equipment must be returned.

On the date of your disconnection, we’ll email you equipment return instructions. Shipping is 100% covered by us. You’ll just need to bring the equipment (in a box) to a local Canada Post office and provide them with the code we’ll send you in the equipment return email.

⚠️It is not possible to physically bring us the devices. oxio does not have a physical service point or store. Also, ensure you don't send packages to the address that appears on your invoice.

📞If you have our home phone service [QC only]

You have 14 days following the termination of your oxio services to keep your landline number and transfer it to your next provider.
Only an active number can be the subject of a portability request: you need to keep this service active until portability is completed with your next provider.

💰Will I get a refund for unused days on my billing cycle?


Once our warehouse has received your equipment back, our finance department will issue you a refund for unused days from the date of disconnection. This reimbursement will show back up on your card on file in 7-10 business days.

Updated on: 12/03/2024