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Of Course!
☝️You can only do it once a year

With the suspension, you will keep your current pricing, unlike with a service change or a service cancellation.

Furthermore, as soon as you'll need your oxio services again, you'll have the devices on hand! You'll just need to contact us so we can reactivate the service.

⚠️If you cancel or change your plan, you will need to pay the new pricing when you return (that's if the pricing changed while you weren't in need of the service).
⚠️We can't guarantee that the pricing will remain the same when you return if you change or cancel your services.
To take advantage of the suspension, your account must not have any balance due.
After that, depending on the suspension duration, suspension fees will be applied and must be paid before the beginning of the suspension.

You need to contact our customer service and say for which time period you wish to have the suspension.

Here is the current pricing for the services suspension:
0 to 3 months: $25,00
3 to 6 months: $50,00
The prices shown do not include applicable taxes.

It is possible to extend the 3 month period if you want. However, if you go over 6 months, your oxio services will be cancelled and you will need to return your equipment.
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