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May I receive my invoices by mail?

It's now possible!

Since February 10th 2022, The CRTC took another step to strengthen consumer protection as certain Canadians will be able to obtain paper bills from their communications service provider. The following segments of customers will now be able to receive paper bills, at no charge, upon request:

customers who self-identify as persons with disabilities
customers without home Internet access or mobile data services, and
seniors aged 65 or older.”

If you need your invoice to be in a particular format, such as braille or large print, it will also be possible to do so, however this may cause additional delay

For the sake of the environment and to reduce mailing costs, we use electronic invoicing for all our other customers.

Your invoice will be deposited each month in your Client Portal, on your invoice date.

Note: a period of 21 days is allowed to make a payment.

An email is also sent to remind you that your bill is available.

Be careful; reminder emails sometimes end up in the spam folder.

Updated on: 24/02/2022