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By credit card OR bill payment through Laurentian Bank, National Bank, and Desjardins

Services are billed in advance every month. All indicated fees must be paid upon receiving your invoice using one of the available payment methods.

To guarantee that all equipment will be sent back to us at the end of a customer’s subscription, it is mandatory to have a credit card associated to all oxio accounts (as per our Terms and Conditions).
All payments must be made within the 21 days of an invoice’s creation to avoid interest fees or cancellation of services.

By Credit Card 💳

Credit cards are heavily encouraged, as all payments made that way are instantaneous. If the need ever arises, we can be more efficient and gather mor information about an issue if customers use credit cards.

🔗 Here’s how to modify or change a credit card in your account.

Visa and Mastercard are both accepted.
Some Visa Debit cards and a few prepaid credit cards (issued by a Canadian financial institution) may function. We cannot guarantee they will.

Prepaid credit cards bought in stores or online are not accepted.
AMEX isn’t currently supported. Sorry.

By Bill Payment (Laurentian Bank, National Bank, and Desjardins) 🏦
oxio isn’t currently available with other financial institutions.

You can take care of your invoice through Bill Payments with Laurentian Bank, National Bank, and Desjardins.
There is a treatment delay of up to 14 working days before a payment made reaches your account. It is therefore strongly recommended that payments are made on the day of the invoice’s reception to avoid any lateness.

We are listed as “oxio”
You will need your 5-digit account number to make a payment. It usually begins with 1, 2, 3, or 4.

The minimum amount required is $ 5.
Don’t forget there is a treatment delay of up to 14 working days following the day of your payment. Make your payments on time by planning ahead.

⚠️ Special message for National Bank users: We have managed to get listed as “oxio,” meaning that if you used another company name to make your payments in the past, you’ll need to reprogram the recipient (the previous name has been terminated.) Any payment made with the previous company name will not work. ⚠️

We are still working on getting functional preauthorised automatic payments work. Thank you for your patience!

👉 Do note that the first payment will always be by credit card directly after you finish the sign up process on our website. The amount billed is then applied as credit to your first invoice (which is created on the day following your activation.)
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