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To guarantee that all equipment will be sent back to us at the end of a customer’s subscription, it is mandatory to have a credit card associated to all oxio accounts (as per our Terms and Conditions).

For the time being:

Credit cards are the only accepted payment methods. This is because payments with cards are done in real time and simplify tracking of funds for customers.

Automatic payments are available, but you can always authorize single payments for specific invoices through your oxio client portal.

Visa and Mastercard are accepted payment methods, but no prepaid credit cards are authorized.

Paying through your financial institution

Note that any payments made through your institution can take up to 15 business days to be processed. It is important to send your payment the moment you receive your invoice to avoid being late.

To pay your invoices through Desjardins, you must find “oxio” as a provider in the “Telecommunications” category of the bill payment section in AccèsD. The 5 digit reference number is your account number (found on all invoices).

Payment via other financial institutions is on its way shortly.

In the near future:

Pre-authorized payments directly from your bank account will be allowed. The client portal will provide an interface to choose and modify these payment methods.

Keep in mind that the first payment will still need to be made via credit card!
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