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Do home phone services include long-distance and international calls?

We have a couple options!

☝️oxio Home Phone service is no longer available for new subscriptions

The base phone plan offers unlimited long-distance calls across all of Canada (except Yukon and Northwest Territories).

Long-distance calls to the United-States are available for $10 /month.

It is not possible to make international calls with our telephony.
Customers can use prepaid international credit cards.

Concerning telephone services that use the pay-per-minute system for long distance calls outside Canada

(for example 10-10-710*)

It is not possible to use this type of service with our residential telephony, since there are affiliations between these companies and the major telecom providers only. Since oxio does not use VoIP telephony from large providers, you cannot use these services.

*oxio has no affiliation with the company that owns this service

Updated on: 04/03/2024