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How do I set up my home phone?

Be on your way in two easy clicks!

☝️oxio Home Phone service is no longer available for new subscriptions

There are two ways to set up your residential phone:

Once the modem and the router are properly connected to the Internet, connect the ATA device according to the guides provided in the box - or available here:

Plug your phone directly into the socket behind the ATA. You can also connect directly to a wall outlet to supply other outlets available in your home.

🛠 Your current wall installation may not be local looped, so this connection may not work. Keep in mind that a non-functional phone jack wall outlet requires a visit from an electrician, as oxio does not provide such reparation services.

If you subscribe to oxio telephone service, you must use the ATA Grandstream HT812 device provided by oxio, connected to the router. Your own router cannot provide our telephone services without the ATA device.
Make sure your router is connected to the internet before attempting this set up. Oxio uses IP telephony (or VoIP), which requires an internet connection.

⚠️ If there is a power outage, the phone service is interrupted. Find one of the possible solutions on this page of our help center.

What is IP Telephony?

IP Telephony, also commonly referred to as Voice over IP (VoIP), is a method of transferring voices over Internet Protocols instead of through landlines. Voices and data are transferred from one phone to another similarly to instant messaging or email.

Large telecommunications companies, like Bell and Vidéotron, have been using VoIP for years with great success! It keeps the customer experience as pleasant as before, but allows for easier maintenance for companies that use the service.

Updated on: 04/03/2024