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How do I set up my landline voicemail and listen to my messages?

It’s quite simple!

☝️oxio Home Phone service is no longer available for new subscriptions

Do note that, for most phones, the presence of voicemail messages is not indicated with a flashing light or intermitent tonality when the phone is picked up. If you wish, you can receive your voicemail by email! Simply contact our customer service and they will gladly activate the option for you.

If you are at home:

You must dial ”*98”

When prompted for a password, dial “7878.” This is the default temporary password.

If you are away from home:

Dial 1-647-945-5006 or 1-438-239-0999.
When prompted for your account number, dial in your phone number with a “1” in front. Then, press the pound (#) key.

For example: for the number (418) 555-5555, dial 14185555555 and press #.

Once your menu is accessed, you have two options:

To change your password, press 4.

To record a new greeting message, press 5.

You can also be sent your voicemail by email!

To enable this functionality, please reach out to a customer service agent via any of our platforms (Facebook Messenger, SMS, or email).

Two options are available:
Reception of messages by email and on your voicemail.
Reception of messages only by email.

Updated on: 04/03/2024