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It’s quite simple!

If you are at home:

You must dial ”*98”

When prompted for a password, dial “7878.” This is the default temporary password.

If you are away from home:

Dial 1-647-945-5006 or 1-438-239-0999.
When prompted for your account number, dial in your phone number with a “1” in front. Then, press the pound (#) key.

For example: for the number (418) 555-5555, dial 14185555555 and press #.

Once your menu is accessed, you have two options:

To change your password, press 4.

To record a new greeting message, press 5.

You can also be sent your voicemail by email!

To enable this functionality, please reach out to a customer service agent via any of our platforms (Facebook Messenger, SMS, or email).

Two options are available:
Reception of messages by email and on your voicemail.
Reception of messages only by email.
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