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Will my phone number be findable through Canada411 or the phone directory?

Your phone number will not be given to directories

☝️oxio Home Phone service is no longer available for new subscriptions

Since oxio home phone uses VoIP, it will not be disclosed nor given away to sites like Canada411 or the Yellow Pages.

Depending on your situation, your number may still appear on these media:
(go to the section concerning your situation)

You have a new phone number issued by oxio
You transferred your number from your old provider to oxio

1️⃣ You have a new phone number issued by oxio

New telephone numbers issued by oxio are not listed on any site (including Canada411), nor any directory, unless you have transmitted the information to telephone directory services.

It is important to know that it is not possible for someone who contacts their Directory Assistance service (when dialing 411) to find your new phone number activated with oxio.

ℹ️ oxio does not offer Directory Assistance service (when you dial 411). Most providers that offer this service charge you a fee, which may come as a surprise when you receive your bill.
🔎 As a solution, we invite you to search to try to find a phone number of a person or a company. Use of this site is free of charge.

2️⃣ You transferred your number from your old provider to oxio

If your phone number was available from your old phone provider, your information may still be in the Canada411 directory and directories.

📞 You will need to communicate with your old provider to have this information removed from the directories.

To remove information from Canada411, you can visit this link and follow these steps:

Under the heading "How do I remove my listing?" » go to the 2nd option
Click on the words "this link" and fill in the fields displayed on the screen

Updated on: 04/03/2024