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You can move your connection with oxio without fees once every 24 months.

Every other move within the 24-month period costs $100.

If you’re planning to move, all you have to do is write to us!
You can tell us about your move up to 90 days beforehand.

To submit a move request, our agents need the answers to these six questions.

You can simply copy these 6 questions and answer them directly when speaking to our customer care agents.

What is the date of your move?
➥ We need the exact day on which the place of residence will be in your possession, so we can ensure the connection move functions properly.

What is your complete future address? Civic number, street name, postal code, city (and apartment number if applicable).

Do you know who the current provider at your future address is?
➥ This is important! It helps us know if you need a technician’s visit or not.

What mobile phone number could a technician reach you at if necessary?
➥ Important: Technicians are not obligated to call you before a visit. You must be at the address during the entirety of the specified time slot you will be assigned. You must be able to welcome the technician or else the appointment will be cancelled, and you’ll have to wait for a new one (you will be put at the back of the waiting list).

Is there any special instructions for a technician? A code on the intercom, a side door, etc.

What three days/time slots would be best for a technician’s visit (if necessary)?
➥ We must give dates even if the activation is remote. Please specify whether AM, PM, or evening would suit you best. Also, make sure the dates are after your move-in date.

With all this information, we’ll be able to submit a move request! We’ll follow-up with you once the request is processed and confirmed.

Contact our customer support agents to organize a move to a new address.
Do not create a new account! This can cause conflicts and result in hard to fix issues.
For a connection move to be possible, your future address must be connected to our infrastructure (you can always check on our website).
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