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All our clients can now schedule a move of their services directly from their client portal.

No need to even contact us anymore!

Go to the "Account Information" tab, and click on the "I'm moving" button." Once there, you'll simply need to indicate the following :

Your new address;
The date you will be leaving your current home;
The date when you will be taking possession of your new home;
Your availabilities for an appointment with a technician (if necessary).

Isn't technology wonderful? 😁

Have a good move!

Click here to log in to your Québec Client Portal.
The move option isn't available for Ontario as of now

⚠️ Important information:
➥ A move can be scheduled up to 90 days beforehand.
➥ Moving is free once per 24-month period. All following moves result in a 100$ fee applied to the invoice following the move.
➥ If there is more than 48h between the moment you leave your current home and enter your next home, your bill will be automatically put on hold so that you don't pay anything while you can't enjoy our services.
➥ For a move to be possible, your future address must also be serviceable by our infrastructure.
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