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[TV] Discover the interface of our TV service

The oxio TV service is simple and user-friendly: here's a guided tour of the main functions

☝️oxio TV service is no longer available for new subscriptions.

Home Screen

The home screen is designed to be clean and efficient.

- OXIO TV : Display the TV Guide and live TV. (1)
- My recordings : Watch and manage recorded shows. (2)
- Stingray Music : Access to the music service.(3)
- Settings : Manage the TV receiver settings, add device and accessories, etc .(4)

A reboot button is available at the top right of the screen if you need to quickly restart the receiver.(5)

The signal quality is also visible at the bottom right of the screen : (6)

- 1 circle is troublesome : the receiver will need to be placed closer to the router or plugged directly to the router.
- 2 circles : signal quality is fair.
- 3 cercles : that’s perfect!

You can launch a signal quality test with the refresh button at the bottom right.

TV Guide

- A reminder (1) is placed at the center of the screen to allow the menu access using the remote.
- The channel logo (2) , broadcast region (3) as well as the general recommended viewing age (4) are found on this page.
- The season and episode numbers will be shown above the description if available from the channel provider. (5)

My recordings

- You can sort your recordings using the “Recently Recorded” (1), “Future Recordings”(all recordings)(2) or “Scheduling” (recordings of multiple episodes of the same series) (3) options.
- It’s possible to see the season number(4) and the episode’s (5) directly from the menu.
- All episodes from the same series are now placed in a single folder. (6)
- A gauge allows you to see the viewing progression by showing the time left(7). It can also tell if the show has been watched ( 8 ) or not (9).
- It’s possible to delete all episodes at once from a series or a single one by using the trashcan. (10)

💡 A detailed description of an episode is available by placing the cursor on it and pressing the MENU button on the remote.

Broadcast and General functions

Recording options are shown by pressing the MENU button on the remote.

- A short summary (1) of the current show is on the left square and the useful options for PVR are shown in the center and right squares.
- Record (2) : Only records the current episode. Will not repeat for future episode.
- Record series (3): Allows for advanced recording options which will be explained in the next part.
- Favorites (4): Places the channel as a favorite. It can thus be found more easily in the categories.
- Replay (5): Places the episode at the start for channels that support it.
- Set Auto-Tune (6) : Allows to tune to a channel automatically before the show starts.
- Search (7) : Search by name or word to find a show. Selecting the show will bring you in the guide to the next episode of this show. You can then press MENU again to have recording options for this show.
- Category (8): You can apply different filters to narrow down the channel selection. Channel tagged as “favorites” will be there.
- Stereo - DV - 5.1 (9) : You can choose between the different audio options which are Stereo, Video descriptions for visually impaired and 5.1 for multichannel 5.1 audio.
- CC ON (10) : Enables or disables closed captions.
- Settings  (11) : Opens the tv receiver settings (same as the home screen settings).

Series Recording Options

Series Recording Options, Step 1 - When
The series recording options allow to record all new shows (1) (they are identified with a star in the TV guide).
Record all shows (2) will record everything, regardless of the date or time or the channel. This will record all reruns and might create doubles.
This time, once a day (3), will check if the channel broadcasts the shows at the desired time every day and if so, will record it.
This time, once a week (4), will check if the channel broadcasts the shows at the desired time, and if so will record it once a week.

Series Recording Options, Step 2 - Rotation
The number of shows stored on the PVR before replacing the first recorded shows with the newer ones. It’s possible to store up to 5,10 or 25 shows. (5)

Regarding applications, we invite you to visit this page for more information.

Updated on: 12/06/2024