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Wi-fi Television Service Limitations

☝️oxio TV service is no longer available for new subscriptions.

The "wireless TV" function means that the channel signal does not require a cable connected to the receiver in order to be routed. The receiver must still be connected to an electrical outlet and to your TV via an HDMI cable.

The wireless TV function uses the Wi-Fi network provided by our router. In order for you to get the best experience, the Wi-Fi signal must be strong enough. In general, the closer the receiver is to the router, the stronger the signal. Several other factors can influence the propagation of Wi-Fi waves, such as the building materials used in your home.

If the signal is too weak, you may have problems when listening to your broadcasts. If so, connect the receiver with a cable. Our receivers use a network cable with an RJ45 connector. Pass a cable from the router to the TV receiver.

Since our services are self-installing, it will be your responsibility to run a cable. These cables are very common and can be purchased at any big box store.

Updated on: 05/03/2024