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Are there other compatible remotes for my TV receiver?

There are 3 methods to navigate our TV receiver

☝️oxio TV service is no longer available for new subscriptions.

If the included remote control doesn't suit your needs, you can try one of the three other methods listed below.

1. The Logitech Harmony remote

To program your Harmony remote, choose the following information:

Marque: LS3
Modèle: SLK1

If you need support concerning the Logitech remote, please contact Logitech themselves. Our Customer Care Specialists do not offer support for external devices.

2. Using a mouse and keyboard (USB, wireless, Bluetooth)

You can use most mouse and keyboard models to make browsing and writing in apps easier.
If you already have devices or equipment at home, this option might save you having to go out and buy more equipment.

3. A more compact remote

We suggest the following remote:

This model works with a USB 2.4GHz dongle, functions quite well, and includes a "mouseclick" option.

Note that we are not affiliated with Amazon for this product recommendation and do not offer support for its installation.

Updated on: 12/06/2024