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How can I add or change a payment method in my Client Portal?

It’s quite easy! Follow these quick and easy steps:

Connect to your Client Portal
Go to the Billing tab
Under you current balance, you can find Invoices and Payment Methods
Click on Payment Methods
You will see two buttons: Add a New Credit Card and Add a new Bank Account.
Depending on the option chosen, you will then only have to fill in the fields indicated on the screen to add and save your payment method.

Credit cards are mandatory. You cannot have no credit card associated with your account.

Visa and Mastercard are allowed, but no prepaid credit cards can be used.

You can always reach out to a customer service agent via any of our platforms, Facebook, SMS, email or chat, and they will gladly help you make the modifications to your oxio file.

Updated on: 17/02/2022

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