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Our customer service is 100% online!

We can answer your questions entirely through our chat platform!

Oxio’s customer service is 100% online, meaning that you can reach out to a customer service agent via any of our platforms (Facebook, SMS, email ( This gives our agents more flexibility and eliminates waiting times for you! Be on hold no more.

To ensure good follow up to your questions, choose a platform you prefer and stick to it even months after your first contact. By doing so, you allow our agents to consult older conversations and to the come to your aid much more efficiently.

Our business model hinges on automation. The more processes are automated, the more our employees can focus on the task at hand: answering you.

All of these things are what allow us to reduce our operating costs and forward these savings to our clients. Our prices are lower and better thanks to this system.

If you have questions, never hesitate; write us!

Outages happen. In cases like those, you can always contact us by SMS at 581-703-7550.
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