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Why can’t I call Customer Care?

We love the internet. A lot.

When people who love the internet create an internet provider, we help our customers over the internet.

Customers are our number one obsession, which is why we’re dedicated to offering the best possible customer support.

That’s why we’re 100% digital.
This means we don’t have a call centre or offer phone support (and never have).

But why?

👉How this benefits you.

No waiting in phone queues - You can simply send us a message and continue on with your day without being tied up on the phone listening to elevator music. That also means you won’t have to spend time explaining your entire situation only to hear, “Let me transfer you to another department” and then have to do it all over again.

Efficient troubleshooting - Most troubleshooting starts with a factory reset of the modem which takes 10 min - Over a phone this leaves you and the agent tied up and waiting longer than you both need to. With digital support, you can also send us photos of your equipment or coaxial cable line if needed.

Chat history - You can refer back to your message history anytime to check answers to your previous questions.

Connect in a way that works best for you - There are a plethora of options to reach us. SMS, Messenger, Email, Instagram. Or even chat with other oxio customers in Discord!

🤵Why it suits us.

Help more customers - Our #1 obsession is our customers. With online support, agents can typically help 5-6 customers at a time as opposed to being tied down to 1 at a time over the phone. While we wait for your follow-up response, or you’re busy doing something else on your end, an agent can help out other customers between each message.

*We average 15,000 customers reaching out to our customer care team per month (at the time this article is being written). That would be a lot of customers for agents to get through one at a time each!

Better responses - Staff can take a minute to ensure the answers they provide are clear and contain all the necessary information that you need. More details and examples of this are here if interested! > I am a customer care specialist with Telephonophobia.

Review chats - Customer care specialists and management can easily hop in or share a chat to help each other without having to transfer you to another department.

We got your back, in your language of choice - If your English or French is not great, customer care specialists can use a translator to help you out in your native language.

If you haven’t been with a provider that offers a 100% digital experience, we can totally understand how that might sound a bit scary. However, we’d also encourage you to give it a try and you may be surprised how much more efficient and helpful it can be.

If having phone support is an absolute must for you, then unfortunately we may not be the best fit for your needs. And that’s okay!

Updated on: 16/02/2024