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How does the installation work?

It’s quite simple!

For details on the easy installation procedure, visit the page “How does it work?” on our website. By answering questions about your current provider, you can get a complete explanation of the way things unfold for your specific situation!

Am I the one to install my oxio equipment?

Our services are offered via self-installation, but:

The installation process is easy to follow and our installation guide and videos are designed to make the process smooth and simple.

A technician’s appointment serves only to install the coaxial cable in your place of residence and to ensure the signal is optimal. With this visit, we make sure that you are ready to enjoy oxio services.

Note: when given an appointment date, it is important to keep it mind, since a missed appointment may lead to 2nd appointment fee and delays in scheduling a new one.

You’ve received your oxio equipment and are ready to proceed? Visit this page!

Updated on: 17/08/2022