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How do I activate the internet?

It all depends on which type of installation you must do

During package creation, the information you give us will determine the procedure to get your internet up and running.

Note that we cannot activate your services remotely in advance.

If you have a technician’s appointment to install the coaxial cable in your place of residence and to ensure the signal is optimal:

An email has been sent to you with an appointment date and time. Consult this article for more information on appointment scheduling.

Your services will be activated and available within one to three hours following the technician’s departure.
Please wait at least one hour after the end of the appointment to plug in your oxio equipment. Contacting our customer service agents beforehand will not speed up the process.

If you are eligible for a remote activation of your services:

All you have to do is wait for the email telling you your services are activated before plugging in your equipment!

Note that we cannot activate your services remotely immediately after you have placed your order. We must wait on our service provider.

Updated on: 27/10/2020