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Diagnostic tools

To help you help yourself out, here are some diagnostic tools you can use to monitor your internet connection

First, before any manipulation, visit our status page

To find your IP address
*We do not offer fixed IP addresses. IP addresses rarely change, however.

To test your connection speed
*Keep in mind that, for a conclusive speed test, you must use a device plugged into the router with a network cable. Alternatively, you may use a recently released device connected to the 5GHz Wi-Fi network while you are in proximity of the router (results may be inaccurate). To obtain accurate results, remember to pause Netflix, any televisions and all downloads running on your devices. It is preferable to unplug all video game consoles as well.

In the case where your test isn’t conclusive, reboot your oxio equipment by following the steps below.
This sequence of steps, when followed in the correct order, can help in fixing problems even before you need to contact us!

Unplug your modem and router from the power outlet then wait 15 seconds.
Plug back the modem into the power outlet and wait until the four (4) - “Power”, “DS” “US” and “Online” - lights turn on and stop blinking.
Plug back the router into the power outlet. Your internet connection should come back online within a couple of minutes.

To see if your area has a service outage
oxio being a Videotron service reseller, you can see if their infrastructure suffered a breakdown by following this link.

Make sure both your modem and router are still plugged into the power outlets and that their lights are on.
When the internet is available at your residence, the “Internet” light under the word “Internet” on your router must be on.

Updated on: 07/03/2022