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Can I use my own modem ? Or my own router ?

Do you have your own modem? This is not possible to use it on the oxio network.

It is not possible to use your own modem (or the one you used with your previous provider) since using a possibly already activated modem implies that it is confirmed inactive on the provider's lines before we can add it to our inventory, and it may take several business days following deactivation before we can add it to our inventory and then activate it. We want you to have your connection with us as soon as possible without there being any complications or delays!

Additionally, the line provider is responsible for certifying modems and we are limited to what they allow us on their network, with specific software versions.

Yes! Oxio internet services support personal routers

You can use your own router both as a main router and as a reach extender (or access point).

*Were you looking for technical documentation instead? You can find all of that right here.

Keep in mind

Customer service agents have much less information at their disposal when it comes to troubleshooting issues when you use your own router. Agents cannot help you configure parameters nor monitor your internet connection. Also note that no discount will be given to you if you use your own router since we lend oxio’s basic router for free.

As a main router

If you are not subscribed to oxio phone services, all you have to do is plug the Ethernet cable coming out of the modem into the WAN port on your own router and configure internet access via DHCP.

Oxio phone services

You will need to connect the ATA device to your router to one of your router's LAN ports.

Oxio TV services

If you are subscribed to oxio TV services, make sure that TV receivers connected over Wi-Fi are using an unsaturated band and channel.

As a range extender (Access point)

Using your own router as a range extender or even as a mesh network access point for your oxio network is possible. There are crucial rules you must follow, however. Note that our agents cannot provide configuration support for any device that isn’t provided by oxio. Here are some tips to ensure your installation works :

Follow the installation guide included with the provided oxio equipment and plug in the modem and router. Then, you can plug in your own router or mesh system by connecting one of the four (4) LAN ports on the oxio router to the WAN port of your own router using an Ethernet cable;

Do not connect your devices to the oxio-xxxx/*oxio-xxxx-5G** Wi-Fi network. If your devices were already connected, make them forget the password of this network;

Do not name your own Wi-Fi network the same as the networks provided by the oxio router;

Do not deactivate the Wi-Fi networks of the oxio router if you are subscribed to oxio TV services. The TV receivers use these networks. If you have no TV services, consult this article for the procedure for deactivating networks;

You must deactivate the DHCP functionality of your own router because it is handled by the oxio router. Having active DHCP on both routers would cause conflicts (and very possibly headaches).

Did you know?

DHCP is a functionality that allows some devices to automatically assign IP addresses to other devices connected to them?

In the case of the oxio router, the oxio network allows the router to connect to the internet by giving it an IP address. This IP address, formatted as X.X.X.X (where every X is a number between 0 and 255) is one of many but finite available addresses. If every device on Earth needed a unique IP to connect to the internet, we would run out of addresses soon! Instead, routers use DHCP to assign addresses to devices connected to the router and only it is actually in need of a unique IP address. This has several advantages :
Your device is anonymous online (as only the router knows the IP addresses of its connected devices);
Security is enhanced (the router acts as a “filter” between the internet and your devices);
More devices can connect to the internet (by avoiding the necessity for unique IPs).

Updated on: 13/12/2023