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How to install the modem and router.

How do I install my internet ?

For an easy setup, follow these simple steps!

If a technician’s visit at your residence is necessary (for cable installation and signal verification), you must wait at least an hour after their departure to plug in your oxio equipment.
If your services are to be activated remotely (without a technician’s appointment), you must await our confirmation email stipulating that your oxio services are activated to plug in your oxio equipment.

Simply follow along with the steps shown in the guides provided with the equipment and you’ll be on your way to the internet in no time!

🌎 To install modem and router
📺 To install oxio TV (QC only)

If you are having issues during the installation process, send our customer service team a message via any of our platforms (Facebook, SMS, email or chat). Our agents will gladly lend you a hand!

Updated on: 05/06/2024