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First-time plug-in: Possible issues when setting up your equipment.

Sometimes, things don’t always go as planned.

Keep calm.
Let’s get your internet on.

☝️Step one - Make sure the following two steps are complete.

☑️You received an email from us confirming your activation OR it has been at least 1 hour since the technician left after activating your home’s line.
☑️Your modem and eero 6 router are connected correctly.

✌️Step two - Check the lights on your modem.

After allowing 10 minutes for the equipment to boot up, the light pattern on the modem (black box) will help us identify any issues.

The correct light patterns to indicate the modem is receiving a signal are as follows.

If the modem has these lights ^ AKA if all the lights are on, this is good! Otherwise, proceed below.

DS light flashing.

If the 2nd light on the modem (right next to the power light) is flashing, the modem is not receiving signal from the home’s main coax line.

My modem has this light pattern. What do I do?

● Check to see if a coaxial line is sticking out of the wall in your home’s utility room next to the electrical panel. This is the home’s main line.

*Does your home have multiple coax outlets? If so, when connected to the correct one, the first 4 lights on the modem should turn on within 10 minutes.

● If none of the coax outlets in your home are working, an escalation will be needed for an appropriate technician to come to your home.

Contact our Customer Care team with 3 dates of availability + preferred time of day for each (AM, PM, or EVE) and the best phone number for the technician to reach you at.

DS & US light flashing.

If the 2nd and 3rd lights on the modem are flashing in unison, this means the modem is not assigned to your oxio account.

My modem has this light pattern. What do I do?

● This is a simple fix! Contact our Customer Care team with a photo of the serial number located on the back of your modem. Our team will contact the network provider to correct the serial number for your account.

🫴Step three - Need help setting up eero network.

If your modem has all the lights turned on, and the LED on your eero router (white box) is flashing blue, but you’re unable to set up the eero network, this may be due to one of the following reasons.

● Your smartphone does not have a data plan.
● You don’t have a smartphone with a compatible OS. (It’s okay, we miss Blackberry too. RIP.)
● Your smartphone is having trouble connecting to the eero with its current LTE or 5G signal.

What should I do?

Contact our Customer Care team with the following bits of info and we’ll be happy to set up your eero network from our end.

1) In which room of your home is the eero located?
2) What would you like the Wi-Fi network name to be?
*You can use emojis! And “Bill Wi the Science-Fi” will always get a thumbs up from us.
3) What would you like the password to be? (minimum 8 characters)

If you’re experiencing another issue that we haven’t covered here, reach out to our Customer Care team for assistance and we’ll be happy to investigate!

Updated on: 16/02/2024