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Does oxio offers static public IP adresses?

No. Our public IP addresses are dynamic and are changing every couple of months.

Keep on reading, because there is a solution! 😎

Why someone would want a static IP address?

At home, if you have a small server that you use to store files. you can made this server accessible from the internet by forwarding the appropriate ports. Let’s say that if you are outside of your house and you want to access to your files. you need to know your public IP address to reach your server. The thing that’s not convenient though, is that your address is changing without notice every couple month. Imagine if your street address would change without any prior notice every couple month. That would not be convenient when you want to have friends over! That’s why a static IP address is useful as it never changes… a bit like your street address!

Do other ISP offer static IPs?

Majority of ISP don’t have this feature offered on cable networks. We looked on their websites and it looks like only the big players offers this only to their small business customers (as it’s a required feature for most businesses). Some other smaller ISP that own their network do offer this feature to their residential customers.

How much is a static IP address?

In average 8-15$ a month.

Ok oxio, what’s your solution then?

eero Plus is the solution. eero Plus includes DDNS. This is a dynamic domain name. Instead of remembering your IP address (ex: and checking periodically when it changes, the eero generates a domain name ( This domain name is always updated as a new public IP is assigned. If someone wants to be even more funky, they can buy their own domain name (ex: and connect it to eero’s DDNS via something we call a CNAME. 


We do not offer static IP addresses, but we offer a solution that yields the exact same result for cheaper and it includes an anti-virus, a password manager and a VPN!

Updated on: 01/02/2023