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How to identify speed issues.

We get it. The dreaded spinning circle of doom when trying to binge your favourite series or capture Victory Royale is never a good time.

If you suspect your speeds aren’t performing optimally, we’re here to help.

☝️Step one - Check our status page.

This page will let you know if there is an outage or anything affecting your speeds.

Click here. If all is good in your area, keep reading.

✌️Step two - Test the speeds.

There are two ways to accurately test and ensure your home is receiving the correct speeds.

Disconnect your eero router (white box) from the modem (black box) and connect a device such as a laptop, PC, or tablet directly into your modem with the ethernet cable provided. Turn on Airplane mode on the device, open a browser, and go to Click “GO” to start the speed test. A hardwired speed test result like this will let you know the speeds currently being supplied to your home.

If you don’t have a device that can be hardwired, you can also use the speed test feature on the eero app. Open the eero app on your smartphone and tap the Activity icon at the bottom > Speed > Run Speed Test. Since the eero is already hardwired to the modem, this result will show what speeds the eero is receiving from your modem.

Results from either of these methods should show speeds at or very close to your current speed plan.

I tested my speed using one of the methods above and it’s lower than my speed plan.

Something is up! Or should we say, down? Scroll down to Step Three to start troubleshooting.

I tested my speed and it’s at or close to my speed plan.

In that case, it could be a specific device that’s experiencing issues.

⚠️ Keep in mind that speed test results on a device over Wi-Fi can be affected by a number of factors such as device placement or interference from other devices and neighbouring networks. It is normal for devices to show speed test results lower than your speed plan. Devices can only achieve maximum download & upload speeds when hardwired directly to the eero router.

Try moving the device closer to your eero router or, if possible, hardwire the device to the available port on the eero with an ethernet cable. Ensure the cable is of cat5E technology or greater to receive full speeds (the cable category will be printed on it).

We also suggest enabling one of the eero Lab features - “Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming (formerly Smart Queue Management)”. This can help prioritize Wi-Fi traffic between devices. You can find out how to do that here.

If you’re still experiencing issues, keep reading.

🫴Step three - Troubleshoot.

Only 3 things to do here.
Reach out.

1. Start with a factory reset of the modem.
This is required to refresh the modem diagnostics.

First, ensure all cables are properly connected between the equipment and a power outlet, and that the coaxial cable is screwed on tightly. From there, factory reset the modem by holding the small RESET button on the back with a pin or sharp object for 30 seconds. Allow 10 minutes for the equipment to fully reboot.

Once the reboot is complete, retest your speed using one of the methods from Step Two.
If there’s still no improvement, keep reading.

2. Ensure your eero has the latest software update installed.

Open the eero app on your smartphone.
Tap Settings in the lower right-hand corner.
Tap Software Updates > Install Now.
(The eero will reboot when applying this update.)

Once the software update is complete, retest your speed using one of the methods from Step Two. If there’s still no improvement, keep reading.

3. I tried all of the above. My speed is still slow.

If you’re still getting the spinning circle of doom after all that, we’ll take it from here.

Contact our Tech Support team via SMS or Messenger.

In your initial message, inform our Tech Support of the steps you’ve already completed along with photos of your current equipment setup and speed test results.

Updated on: 17/02/2024