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We make it a point to give you consistent internet speeds that match what you pay for.

Our services include a quality basic router at no cost to you. It is sometimes possible that the strength of your Wi-Fi signal wavers from time to time; fluctuations can happen with large houses or when multiple users are connected to the network simultaneously. We therefore offer three router models to satisfy all users.

Basic router (free of charge): Estimated coverage of 700 square feet. Ideal for an apartment.

Wi-Fi XL router (additional rental charges apply): Estimated coverage of 1500 square feet. Ideal for a two-story house.

Wi-Fi XL router + Pods (additional rental charges apply): Estimated coverage of 2500 square feet. Ideal for large houses or for houses with a concrete structure.

*All prices for these routers can be found in our Package Building tool._

_Additional information_

The quality of the internet signal you receive hinges on two factors : the Last Mile infrastructure and the Backbone network.

The Last Mile infrastructure is what physically connects your place of residence to the network. In oxio’s case, we use the fibre and coaxial infrastructure provided by Videotron’s grid. This grid is renowned for its speed consistency and reliability.

The Backbone network is the network that connects all clients to the internet. Oxio uses 100% optic fibre backbone coupled with redundancy measures to place itself at the same level as the largest Canadian internet providers. We use equipment of “service operator” quality only, such as Cisco and Juniper, to ensure a great connection for all customers.
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