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Modem Replacement Guide

🤔 Received a new modem from us?

Awesome! Let’s walk you through getting it set up so you can enjoy your new speedy internet!

🤷 Why You Might Have a New Modem

Technology Advances: Staying ahead of the game means getting the latest equipment for the best performance!
Technical Issues: If your old modem has been giving you problems, this new modem has arrived to save the day!

💁 Step 1: Reaching Out to Customer Care

1. Customer Care: Kick off the modem replacement by connecting with our customer care team. This initial step is crucial to officially note your modem swap and activate the new modem.

⚙️ Step 2: Disconnect Your Current Modem

1. Disconnect: Unplug your old modem from the power source. Remove the coaxial cable and Ethernet cables from the old modem.

🔌 Step 3: Connecting Your New Modem

1. Connecting the Coaxial Cable: Attach the coaxial cable to your modem, then verify that this connection is tight! It must for a reliable internet connection.
2. Power Up: Plug your modem into an outlet to start it up. Watch for the lights to signal it is ready to go.

🌐 Step 4: Connect the eero Router

1. Connect your router: Use an Ethernet cable to connect your modem to the Eero 6 router.
2. Plug in your eero: Plug in your eero and look for a flashing white light. This means your router is ready for use again.

🚀Step 5: Test Your Connection

1. Test: To see how well the new modem works, try browsing, streaming, or downloading.

👨‍🔧 Step 6: Stuck? We’ve Got You

• If you experience an issue, don’t sweat it! Our technical support agents are on standby and ready to jump in and help with any hiccups.

My internet stopped working.

Updated on: 29/02/2024