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What do I do if my equipment doesn’t arrive in time for my appointment with a technician?

No problem! You don’t need the equipment for the appointment.

A technician’s appointment serves only to install the coaxial cable in your place of residence and to ensure the signal is optimal. With this visit, we make sure that you are ready to enjoy oxio services.
If you already have a functioning coaxial cable that has a security lock on it (meaning that you can’t screw and unscrew it into equipment), the technician will take care of the lock and make sure you can use your coaxial cable freely.

Once the oxio equipment box arrives at your door, you’ll simply have to plug everything in according to the enclosed instructions.

Do note that our services are offered via self-installation. The installation process is easy to follow and our installation guide and videos are designed to make the process smooth and simple. The technician will not plug in this equipment.

Updated on: 27/10/2020