Does the use of devices such as power bars and surge protectors interfere with my wifi?

Power bars and surge protectors are an excellent way to safeguard your electronics, but are there any drawbacks?

Yes, unfortunately, there are negatives to all products such as smart plugs, power bars, outlet splitters, and surge protectors.

Electromagnetic interference

Let's discuss about electromagnetic interference!

Electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference (EMI) is unwanted noise or interference delivered into an electrical route or circuit by an outside source. EMI can cause devices to underperform, malfunction, or fail entirely.

What impact does electromagnetic interference have on your network?

Wi-Fi uses a radio frequency comparable to AM/FM radio to wirelessly transmit data across long distances. Due to all of the shared frequencies, it is difficult for the router to broadcast a strong signal when devices in the same region and use the same frequencies.

What exactly is the connection between these devices and electromagnetic interference?

Electromagnetic interference may be generated by any power supply, including smart plugs, power bars, outlet splitters, and surge protectors and extension cords. These devices can produce a electrical noise that can cause the modem to operate poorly, malfunction, or completely fail.


Many people are not aware of this. The metal that disperse excess heat begin to deteriorate after a few years, which causes the devices like surge protector and power bars to lose its efficiency.

These adapters have a lifespan of three to five years.

Due to the deterioration of the adapters, these products may produce too much electrical noise as a result of surges or reductions in power.

Devices such as power bars, surge protectors, power bars, smart plugs and extension cables should be replaced every few years because the materials could degrade over time.

Please also note that inconsistent power delivery in defective power bars, surge protectors, power bars, wall splitters, and even defective wall sockets can create issues for sensitive networking equipment such as modems and routers.

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Updated on: 09/11/2022