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How can I upgrade my Eero's firmware?

How to make sure your Eero is always up-to-date

It is not something we think about often, as many routers update their firmware automatically. The Eero 6 router that we provide is a little bit unique. Since there is an app with an easy-to-use interface, the user has greater flexibility over the settings they want to change.

The disadvantage of this is that a firmware update is frequently available but is neglected. This might result in speeds issues and disconnections.

Getting familiar with your Eero app

The eero app provides a variety of features ranging from being able to temporarily disable 5Ghz or running speed tests and health checks anytime you want on your network.

To find out if your Eero 6 is up-to-date it is as simple as going to Settings → Software Updates

Here, you can see the Eero is in need of an update

To start, click 'Install Now,' but keep in mind that it may require your network to reset briefly.

How to keep track of future updates

Just so you’re not checking monthly – or weekly – for any updates, we recommend keeping notifications on for your Eero app.

To do this, just follow the instructions below, as listed on the eero site: Open the eero App

Tap on the Settings tab
Tap on Notifications
If you’d like to only receive notifications for software updates, toggle the slider next to Software Updates so that it is ‘On’
Hit the back button on the top right to save your selected setting

Updated on: 02/11/2022

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