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How can I upgrade my Eero's firmware?

Upgrading Your Eero's Firmware

So, you want to make sure your Eero 6 router stays updated? No problem at all! We're here to help you out. Let's explore the Eero app together and get your router up-to-date! Ready to get started? 🏃

How to Check for Firmware Updates

It's super easy to see if your Eero 6 needs an update. Just follow these steps:

Open the Eero app
Go to SettingsSoftware Updates
To start, click 'Install Now,' but keep in mind that it may require your network to reset briefly

Firmware updates can pop up pretty often, but sometimes they get missed. And when that happens, it can lead to some pesky issues like slower speeds and dropped connections

Never Miss an Update Again!

You don't want to be checking for updates all the time. So, let's make sure you get notified when new updates are available. Here's how to turn on notifications:

Open the Eero app
Tap on the Settings tab
Tap on Notifications
If you only want notifications for software updates, toggle the slider next to Software Updates to 'On'
Hit the back button on the top right to save your settings

And that's it! Now you're all set to keep your Eero 6 router up-to-date and running smoothly!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care Team. We're always happy to help! ☺

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Updated on: 24/04/2023