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[macOS] How to program a Static IP address to help technical support? (Hitron CODA-45 only - Ontario)

In order to allow us to make the best diagnosis on your Internet connection, the Customer Care team may ask you to do something to allow your PC to access this specific modem model.

These manipulations will allow you to take screenshots to send them to our technical team, since we cannot access them on our side.

The screenshots will contain valuable information to enable us to serve you more quickly and efficiently. Without these, the resolution time is more complex and much longer, despite us.

☝️Please follow these steps only when an agent asks you to do so, in order to avoid taking these steps which may not necessarily resolve the situation you are experiencing at the moment.
⚠️ It is IMPOSSIBLE to access this information via WiFi. - If you do not have the possibility to do so, please mention it up front to the agent to whom you will write.

Open 'System preferences';
Select 'Network';
Select your LAN interface (name can change depending on the mac);
LAN Interface selection
In the 'configure IPv4' select 'Manually';
IPv4 > Manually
Complete as the following (DNS are normally /
Important data to use
Save by clicking on 'Apply'
Now disable your wifi, connect your mac to your modem with RJ45 cable;
Open your browser and type in the address bar;
Thats it, you've just reached your modem, you can now take screenshots/pictures of each pages and send them to the CC;
10. Once finished, go back to your network settings and change 'configure ipv4' back to 'using DHCP', otherwise you will not be able to reach internet once leaving the modem.

Updated on: 30/10/2021