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Technical Points to Consider With oxio's New Higher Internet Speeds

The eero 6 router is recommended by the manufacturer for up to 900Mbps download.

In everyday situations, depending on the time of day and overall internet traffic, we’ve seen it handle around 500 to 650Mbps download speeds, which is totally good enough for your everyday needs. The speed you get also depends greatly on the wifi capabilities of your personal connected devices! Just figured we’d let you know.

Not sure that it’s good enough?

Well, we get that. A lot of telcos like telling us that the highest speed is always the best, but in reality, most things we do day to day don’t require a lot of bandwidth at all! As an example, streaming HD content takes 5 to 10 Mbps. Having a video call with someone is about 5 Mbps. Streaming Spotify music is not even 1 Mbps! So even if you did all three at the same time (guilty), you would only really consume up to 30 Mbps of your bandwidth.

Optimizing your wifi speed depends on having optimal router placement and a fortunate home infrastructure. Basically, if you just happen to have 2 wall sized mirrors in your bathroom, or massive steel beams in the living room, or a microwave that’s turned on (yes, really), or even a close neighbour with their own wifi waves interfering with yours, no matter what you do, the wifi quality can take a hit.

Of course, there’s a lot of other factors that can impact your speed. In short, we just can’t guarantee specific wifi speeds, because every person’s housing situation is different. The only real way to get as high a connection as possible is to circumvent wifi completely and plug your device in your router using an ethernet cable. Direct connection, in essence, boosts speeds while lowering the likelihood of signal interference encountered with Wi-Fi.

Compatible Modems

If you do not have the Hitron CODA-45 modem or the Sercomm DM1000 modem:

Contact our Customer Care team, and a representative will send you the appropriate modem to replace your current device

If you already have the Hitron CODA-45 modem or the Sercomm DM1000 modem:

You can go directly to your oxio Client Portal ⇨ Select the “My Bundles” tab, and pick your desired plan by clicking on “Select this bundle.” ☻

For those that want better home coverage, consider getting more eero 6 routers. They’ll help relay your wifi signal throughout your home for only 6$/month per additional router.

Updated on: 23/06/2023