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Technical Points to Consider With oxio's New Higher Internet Speeds

Does oxio now offer higher (like very fast!) internet plans?

Yes! These plans are offered for our customers in BC, AB, SK, and MA! However, we'd like to offer a few "pointers" to make sure you can completely enjoy your connection.

As of Tuesday, October 11th, 2022, oxio will be offering ⬇️750 Mbps ⬆️100 Mbps and ⬇️1000 Mbps ⬆️100 Mbps,

It's important to recognize that with very high internet plans, you might not be able to reach the maximum speeds by WIFI. The Eero 6 can normally handle up to 500 mbps download speed. It is possible to get more speed, but you will need good home infrastructure, and optimal router placement. These are only a few of the various factors that could impact WiFi. That being said, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve extremely high WiFi speeds. Connecting your device with ethernet cable to the Eero 6 is strongly encouraged if you want a faster connection. Direct connection, in essence, boosts speeds while lowering the likelihood of signal interference encountered with Wi-Fi.

How can I purchase the new plans?

1) If you're not a customer yet:

– When selecting your oxio internet package, simply select the speed you require, and the appropriate modem will be sent to you the following business day.

– When your equipment arrives, simply follow the instructions to set up the devices then enjoy the new lightning fast speed.

2) If you're an existing customer and would like to subscribe to these plans:

If you do not have the Hitron CODA-45 modem:

Contact our Customer Care team, and a representative will send you the appropriate modem to replace your current device

If you already have the Hitron CODA-45 modem:

You can go directly to your oxio Client Portal ⇨ Select “My Bundles” and pick your desired plan

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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