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Why is it taking so long to get an update on my request?

If you’ve contacted our Customer Care team for something like a request for a technician visit, outlet installation, appointment rebooking, reactivation of services, address serviceability check, or a change of speed, the agent may have mentioned something along the lines of “I’ve placed the request, and we’ll follow up as soon as it’s been processed.”

This means we placed a request with the network provider, and are waiting for them to process it and provide confirmation. Depending on which province you live in and which network provider to your home we’re using, the procedures vary. Requests can sometimes take up to 5 business days to be processed by the network provider.

Our team always keeps a keen eye on all requests and will update you as soon as new information is made available.

👉Just keep in mind…

oxio doesn’t have its own network cables or fibre into your home, nor do we have our own technician team.

What does that mean for me?

As a TPIA provider, this means we place requests for everything from appointments to remote activations with the network provider AKA the owner of the physical line to your home.
These requests are all subject to their technician availability for your area and their activation processes.

This is why during a technician appointment, you may receive a call from a larger network provider. You may also notice the technician that shows up is sadly not in our sweet oxio swag.

🎉Questions still popping up like confetti?

You can read more about it in our blog article “What the heck does TPIA mean?”

Updated on: 02/01/2024