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What can I expect for a transfer activation?

Here's what to expect!

Keep in mind this information only applies to Ontario customers!

A transfer activation is a remote activation that transfers one active service to another. Transfers are scheduled 10 days (two weeks) in advance when completing the signup process on our website. This takes into account the package shipment (arrives at the home within 5-7 business days) and the line provider’s queue availability for the transfer.

Before your transfer activation

Ensure all information between your current provider and your oxio file are the same (name, address, phone number), if you are transferring to another customer you are not eligible for a transfer activation. To find out if you are eligible for an transfer activation click here

Schedule a disconnection with your current provider for the date provided by us in your subscription email and ensure that this is scheduled as soon as possible. (Disconnections must be scheduled the day before the activation date)

Contact your current provider for a Transaction ID number for the disconnection request (9 digit number), then contact our Customer Care team here

After your transfer activation

You will receive an email once the activation is completed then you can go ahead and plug in your equipment following the information listed on our website here!

Note: All activations are scheduled for about 10 days in advance (2 weeks) and cannot be rescheduled for an earlier activation date.

Updated on: 09/08/2022